Apologies for the belated post. Distractions are fatal tools for one to procrastinate…especially for me.

In any case, at last.


I love brass, just as I love the harpsichord. Insofar as I am concerned, while the latter represented a degree of class and style, the unabashed way brass was played back then pointed to the glory of anything and everything it was meant to represent. What better way is there to announce one’s entrance than to have 5 trumpets screaming out your grand arrival?

Better still, I have used such music to great effect in my life these past few weeks. Doing something mundane like household chores became a glorious undertaking. Death streak on Battlefield 3? More like dying a hero’s death…repeatedly.

You have been gloriously martyred...again!!

Normally I would rail on about baroque brass at this point but, after some inner reflection, I feel it best for the music to speak for itself. Apparently, too, Louis XIV of France’s reign seem to have produced some of the most stunning of the lot. You can apply this music to any situation, and will even make watching the paint dry on your bedroom wall feel as though you are witnessing some colourful miracle.

No.1: Marche de Triomphe H.547 by Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704)

No.2: Airs de Trompettes by Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)

Otherwise, however, I guess my life has been rather vanilla-plain. That should change in a few months’ time…when I join Singapore’s military. More on that when I enlist…if I ever have the time.

I need an expansion in my social calendar. And I need to give tuition to put an income in my kitty. Life here has its ways to mend such issues, but I won’t do so just by sitting on my posterior and waiting.

I have been planning a lifestyle change to restore my flagging fitness in time for Basic Military Training, and hopefully this will score some brownie points with my parents…and my disapproving self. Sleeping half the day away won’t solve much, neither is doing little or nothing in the other half.

So there. My current life in a nutshell. Not very interesting eh? This is when brass music takes living life to a whole new level of (for a lack of a better word) awesomeness.

Till then!~~~~