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I’ve watched the video. To me it was half an hour well spent.

It tugged my heartstrings, and appealed to my inner activist. Joseph Kony has laid to waste the lives on tens of thousands of children, and this is made more personal by the story of one of them – Jacob.

And so, for a short while, I was swept off my feet by the hype: I tweeted, retweeted, and posted on Facebook fervently on Kony for an entire day yesterday. I signed my pledge on Causes, and even contemplated the possibility of me acquiring an Action Pack. It was almost a no-brainer – make Kony famous. And everyone seemed to be on the bandwagon.

A friend of mine, however, provided me with a link to a blog post which suggests that what the Invisible Children are doing is a bit of a scam, that the ideals they espouse are a break from the realities gripping central Africa. That article has given me a fresh new perspective on how such causes, however genuine in their purpose, can be greatly misguided. This can be found HERE.

I can agree that aid to Africa has crippled it with a I-will-receive-it mentality, bred by decades of endless free aid packages. Corrupt governments have spawned to take advantage of these freebies, and only created, in general terms, a dependant Africa. Invisible Children diverts more money to its media machine than to the trouble-hit areas.

EDIT: Aid in food is one thing, and this is the excess I actually disapprove of. But when funds are diverted into education and skills, it gives the afflicted the opportunity to help themselves bring about a newer, brighter Africa. Yes, it’s complicated, and it might take many decades, but this pays far better dividends than just giving food (in general terms, again).

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
-Chinese Proverb

But isn’t this their objective, to make Joseph Kony more visible to the world? In this respect, it would not be outrageous to suggest that they are funding their media campaign to aggressively make him a household name, so that the people in the corridors of power can continue to have advisers down there to assist the Ugandan army in finding this still-dangerous man. The power of the people has made this possible. These voices will give the aggrieved justice.

The idea of Kony wasting away in the wilds of the Congo (while many more kids from neighbouring states continue being abducted) will do little to bring peace to the hearts of those already affected. Justice will fail if that eventuality comes into fruition. The voices will amount to nothing. Perhaps it will, at long last, end the atrocities of the LRA. Or, like an al-Qaeda which has lost bin Laden, it will continue in its bloodthirsty mission.

Apparently, peace talks are underway. I applaud that; Ugandans can perhaps finally move on to weightier issues now plaguing their nation – trust me, they are far weightier. But given Kony’s temperamental history, this may not go down well. It may, heaven forbid, be another attempt in his quest for lifelong (however long that is) power. Nip the problem in its bud, and this will go away.

I cannot deny the passion and conviction with which Invisible Children are executing this move, but that article I have read has made mine rather tempered. As such, I will not contribute a cent any money, but I will make the awareness of this issue known. This man requires justice, but one needs only voices, without the money, to make this possible. And it is already self-propagating.

EDIT: As added information, read this clarification note from Invisible Children. It puts to rest many misconceptions that have been hurtling through the web about what they do there, including that of the posed “mercenary” picture that has gotten many heads spinning.

The video is right to note the power of mass media. It is indeed a double-edged sword, and misleading viral causes and statements can make things go pear-shaped real quick. But this is a worthy cause, albeit late, and I willingly lend my voice to it. He will be greatly known as one of the most evil beings on this planet.

Here you go. My two cents’ worth. French baroque will feature later today. 🙂

Till then!~


Many apologies.

The last few months have been hectic. Exams and internship are a potent mix, but at least that meant I was able to do something incredibly useful. I am missing my colleagues back in Moody’s, which had been my workplace for three months. Job and university applications are under way, now that there is plenty of time to go before my enlistment by the biggest employer in Singapore (thank you MINDEF). Lots to do, so little time.

I will get back to posting some music shortly for it has indeed been awhile; French Baroque seems to be back on the list (trumpets, hint hint). Also you may (or not) have noticed that a few videos are no longer playable. That’s because one of my fave posters had violated some copyright laws – perhaps an allusion to SOPA and PIPA – and had her account shut down. The wonderful music she had lovingly posted have gone with her. Pity.

I should be posting something out within the next couple of days, so watch this space (again)!!

Once again, my humblest apologies.

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