Johann Sebastian Bach

In between playing games and finishing tutorials, I though I’d post this. No diatribe, I’m just going to, erm, harp on one of the greatest composers ever to have his music grace a music hall.

If one name was to spring to mind if Baroque was mentioned, hands down, Bach (Johann Sebastian, more precisely) would most likely be the first to be hollered out. His greatness can never be understated, because his music is also the likely basis for many heavy metal bands of the 80s and 90s. Who would ever have thought that?

Even then, there are pieces are just for easy listening. Amongst them, and possibly one of the greatest masterpieces ever to be heard, is his magnum opus, the Brandenburg Concerto.

There are many pieces and movements to be heard, and together they constitute some of the best pieces ever to have been written by this maestro. And here, I shall highlight two in particular.

The first is truly for easy listening; this to Bach would be Eine Kline Nachtmusik to Mozart. It soothes and frayed nerves and calms boiling tensions (well, to an extent), so this is great for someone living a very hectic life, as I would soon enough, once my internship begins.

Presenting the Concerto No.3, 1st Movement.

Great for a night by the fire with a warm cuppa. Too bad this is Singapore, so a glass of water by the settee should do.

Next to be presented is also easy on the ears, with a flute thrown in for good measure. Another great piece for ultimate relaxation…and just listening to makes you feel like a millionaire. Seriously.

Harpsichord, violin, flute all playing in perfect sync and harmony. Really, what more could one ask for? That is, unless you are my sister. In that case, fall asleep within the first minute.

(N.b. My sister really really really hates classical music. Any piece from any genre will put her to sleep. And she is kind of a rarity.)

So go on, put that headphone on, and play that thing! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed (sans my sister or sister-equivalent).

*Concerto No.5 BWV 1050, 1st Movement.

So there, two great pieces from one brilliant composer. Bach is truly a musical genius; few will oust him from this grand title.

Meanwhile, term 3 has begun back in reality, and I once again begin slogging along like every other student in this island-nation’s “holistic” education system. Great. Projects, exams, tutorials, bring it on.

I guess the only time I really unwind is when I play Dodgeball on TF2. Thanks to all the shenanigans that happen there I sometimes forget completely that I was ever stressed.

Thanks guys. 🙂

And here’s to more posts to come! Au revior. 😀