Yes it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. And right now I’m well into my midyear holidays so, I guess I can post more frequently?

Well, it’s only just a guess.

Three weeks back I started playing Team Fortress 2, and I am hooked. The modes I enjoy most are:

  1. Dodgeball
  2. Saxton Hale
  3. Payload

Looks like this will be a trend for some time to come. I’m still a learner, so there. I am neither a pro nor a noob, but I’m getting pretty good at it!

I’m also getting myself more involved this holidays, with my siblings’ preparations for their end-year exams, as well as some extra moneys in the form of English tuition. $25 an hour for an initiate like me is pretty good! Meanwhile, gym has become a priority, since NAPFA is just 2 months away. Scary stuff (but also to impress the girls. Haha. I digress).

Ok, on to my 200th post proper. “Peace” is such an abstract term (no, you don’t get “peace” in TF2, I promise you), but somehow music, more than words, seems to be able to encompass all that it stands for. It can lull you to quiet slumber, or turn you into a hippie (again I digress), but most importantly it is so appealing because we lack so much of it in this world. Death, death on newspapers everywhere, ┬ábut barely a few passages on the happiness of this world.

Or maybe we’re just being moribund. Maybe.

If there can be a completely liberal SAT essay on what peace is about, I’d use music, not so much in what the lyrics are but how the melody harmonises oh so brilliantly in serendipity. And if there’s a piece I can quote, it would be John Rutter’s A Gaelic Blessing.

There’s something about the piece, and the voices (courtesy of the Cambridge Singers) that just coos “Peace”. The last few chords could just make you feel that beauty, true beauty, still exists in this world.

Not convinced? Here it is.

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Standing ovation.

If you ever feel frazzled (and I know there will come a time when you do), give this a listen, and feel the weight in your mind just lift away…

Before I sign off, here’s wishing you a happy holiday (to come, if books are still your thing)!

Till then!~