When one is asked of what works of a particular composer he or she knows of, answers are typically (and so, unsurprisingly) standard.

Handel, for instance, was most famed for his later works, largely for his last patron, King George II, with the likes of his Music for the Royal Fireworks and his Coronation Anthems. His earlier works, Water Music aside, are largely second-rated in place for his more popular tunes which were distinctly Hanoverian.

The eminent composer was however, composing for more than simply George II, or even George I, who were indeed Hanoverian. He had created music dedicated to a sovereign-predecessor, who was the last monarch of a dynastic line directly descended from the kings of Scotland: Queen Anne.

Handel had indeed composed a piece, worded by Ambrose Philips, for the Queen’s birthday in 1713; it was one of his beginning pieces for Britain, where he will live for the next 46 years. Aptly it was called Eternal Source of Light Divine, prepared for the contralto.

Today there are many beautiful versions, but in my opinion the purest and smoothest voice was provided by Elin Manahan Thomas, who sang this one octave higher than in the original piece. The result is that it is as though you were listening to an angel sing (and I do not mean Supernatural’s angels); you almost want to forgive the world for all its sins.

Amongst other pieces, this has enabled me to soldier on with my endless projects and report-drafting, which would otherwise likely be impossible to complete. There’s still loads to go, and with exams coming up, music such as this will help loads in lightening the workload in the weeks to come.

So, for your listening pleasure:

I am also thankful that my application to work at Moody’s has come into fruition. I start in December as an intern (and unlike most other interns in local companies I will learn real, work-practical stuff) for $1,200 a month! I will definitely need to think of a post-graduation holiday destination and, hopefully, I can work there full-time for sometime to come afterwards! 🙂

Please, holidays, come quick! My brain is overworked……..

Till then!~