A few years back, during my grandmother’s funeral, I played a few otherwise repetitive pieces from an old disc I had (yes it’s gone now), and among pieces from Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Mozart that was one that truly tugged my heartstrings. And at such a time, I shed some tears. It was as though the music itself had expressed the pain of my grandmother’s passing through the voices, the violins. Never have I felt that way before or since.

The piece had since been lost and, owing to the fact I also lost whatever album covers associated with it, I could never find it online. And I thought I had lost that wonderful, wonderful piece forever.

Or so I thought. A week prior I had been piece-hopping through YouTube, listening to a ton of great music, past and present – I do make time to listen to pop – when an interesting 8-note entrance caught my ears. And quite quickly my eyes became awash with tears.

Six years. And almost to the day. I breathed in each and every last note, cresendo, quiver…it was an absolute breath of fresh air. Quite frankly, I doubt I’d get tired of listening to it again and again…and again.

Ok, enough chatter. Enjoy this little musical ‘renaissance’ I’ve experienced! The brainchild of Mozart’s eternal genius – a variation of Ave Verum Corpus, KV 618.

Besides the serious and sombre, Mozart can also compose pieces which are far less subtle with what message it intends to bring across…in fact it is just plain rude. It’s none other than Bona Nox!, composed and performed in a very interesting canon fashion.

It’s also sung in a mix of Latin, German, French and some other European languages, so if you don’t understand the message, fret not – a user has very kindly offered an English Translation:

English of all languages: Good night! [Latin] You are quite an ox; Good night, [Italian] My dear Lotte; Good night, [French] Phooey, phooey; Good night, good night, [English] We still have far to go today; Good night, good night, Shit in your bed with all your might; Good night, sleep tight, And stick your ass to your mouth.


Long post here. Gonna stop for the evening; it’s late and I have to soldier on with my revision.

Till then!~