Turn around...

I have been blogging for the past 2 years and 10 months, hitherto totalling a meagre 196 blog posts. Almost all of them have at least a subtle hint of what my life is in and between the lines. Of the bright, of the dark; of the highs and of the lows. I have gone from a gushing, introverted young boy on the threshold of success to a less gushy, less introverted, less young man, less so on the threshold of success.

Which probably means, my life hasn’t changed. So much, at least. My 2008 self would still recognise the me of today, albeit a tad more (ego alert) dashing. Haha.

Recently went back to Choir Camp this past week, and I realised how old I am becoming. I do not know 90% of the current choristers. I know not what they sing. Their skits feel outlandish (on hindsight, that’s how WE acted when we were 14, so no excuses there). Something in me tells me I no longer fit in there, that I must move on.

As I turn into an adult, I hold life’s great referendum: what to keep, and what to discard.

And to do that, I will have to swing around and look at my life thus far from the great pedestal of life’s experiences.  An about-face in my life.

Which reminds me of another about-face moment. George Yeo had, following his loss during this year’s GE, indicated that he won’t compete for the Presidency. And guess what, just yesterday his supporters collected the paperworks of Presidential candidacy for him.

Mr Yeo, sir, as much as you may be a good President (in the eyes of the people), reneging on your word reflects badly upon you. Furthermore, the President, being the Reserves Custodian, is supposedly to know what is stored inside. Other than the Hon. Mr Ong Teng Cheong, who at least attempted something of the sort, no other president I have heard have made any real effort to find out. Which makes the position look like a cash cow. An unnecessary one. More speak of it, so this is just another opinion in an ocean of cacophony.

Anyways, back to the music. I have just discovered another viola de gamba piece that is so haunting. This is Sainte-Colombe’s element, playing right into his hands (pun intended). Even after 350 years, the Suite for Solo Viola de Gamba still strikes in the deepest chambers of the stoutest hearts.

If you want to reminisce a tad, here’s the original viol post – CLICK!

I am sorry if I haven’t posted in so long – I will post up my sketch of King George III next time (now that it’s the holidays!)!! 😀

Till then!~