It’s been too long since I last posted, so now I have got to post again, lest my blog dies a natural death.

School has had an immediate pressure upon me; spending time to write suddenly seems rather…impractical. Right now there’s so much swilling about in my head, as though the slops of it are just about to spill off the top. Inspiration has been hard to get by, which makes writing all the more difficult.

Right now I’m learning so much that will affect my adult working life. And working life in Singapore, as many living here would know, requires paper. Lots of paper. Just to prove yourself worthy and perhaps leap that catch-22 hurdle we all fear.

Catch-22 – a term along with ‘alternative’ – has become a trend here, especially in this post-election nation, where the ruling party, PAP, has 93% of the seats in Parliament through just 60% of the people’s mandate. How – and why – this happened, I shall decline to explain here. It is too much to type. Go googling about abit and I’m sure you’ll see why…quickly.

(I am moderately pro-alternative. It’s just that sometimes power seeps into the deepest recesses of the Party psyche so much so that someone just needs to bring them back down to earth and allow them to see what really is going on on the ground. GE 2011 is only a teeny baby step, IMHO. After all, we don’t agree to disagree for the sake of it, yes?)

Wait. Why am I talking about this! This is supposed to be a musical blog, not a political one! So let’s move on shall we?

For those who have watched Britain’s Royal Wedding recently, you may remember the first piece that was played as Kate (now Duchess) walked the long walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. While that rendition was not bad, methinks the one sung by the choir at St Paul’s is much better.

This next video is from 2002, during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, when this was sung to near orgasmic perfection. The trumpets and organ complemented one another as much as tea would with cupcakes! I was Glad – a wonderful masterpiece from Sir Charles H.H. Parry. This piece has also been tied together with Vivat Regina Elizabetha, for good measure. Excellent!

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry

If you do want to see the scripted version, well, here it is! This is the unadulterated version Sir Charles intended for Edward VII’s coronation in 1902. Just Organ and voices. Beautifully serene, methinks.

Well, that is all! To me it’s the sort of music I’d wind down to, especially after an arduous day at home or school. For me to forget, even for a few moments, the worries of the world.

Goodnight! 🙂