If anyone is still guessing, it’s less than 2 days away. And quite frankly, I can’t wait. It’s been far too long to be on study hiatus anyways.

Thankfully, my timetable is spliced in such a way that I can continue going to gym 3 times a week sans fears of interruption. And fitness wise, it ain’t going to be like how it was the last time. Little done, and worse off (and more on) later. Those times really sucked.

If I can put holidays in another way, it’s like getting to know someone new, then having that person stay with you day in day out, going wherever you go, doing whatever you do. I mean, who wouldn’t be bored (sick and tired actually) of someone like that? Phooey.

Having no life during the hols is far worse than having a life mugging. Trust me.

Anyhow, I’d like to post a piece of music I’ve grown fond of over several hearings. Anyone who has had a computer/laptop with an OS either Windows XP or older would find a minute-long sample in the Music folder. This sample I have heard many times as we bought successive lappies to replace the quickly obsolescent. Surely some of you would have remembered the first few seconds?

It’s of course none other than Beethoven’s Symphony No.9, Molto Vivace. While many link this symphony to his omnipotent Ode to Joy, it is actually just one of three movements (and the last). This here is the 1st movement. And to be quite frank, it is one hell of a forceful piece, so vibrant and energetic. Enjoy.

Well, I had better bugger off before my dad does it for me. He’s quite a stickler for time. G’night!

Till then!~