Well, no comments in that previous post, but that didn’t stop the incessant flow of ideas coming thus from Twitter and Facebook. And finally I did embark on a sketch project.

Ok, two projects actually. The first was via a poll (fine, I asked), and the Leaning Tower of Pisa came out tops. It was sketched and traced in earnest, and eventually it came to a happy conclusion!

Then, I decided to do one on my own. The Chrysler building is the darling of photographers, with its distinctive Art Deco style and beautiful spire. This time, I came up with the idea to sketch without the need for a pen (thank goodness for a Canon scanner), and the result of an hour and a half of wrist-banging sketching became delightfully evident.

Ta-da! I love it. Plain pencil-sketching has brought about a new dimension of which I so crave – dynamism.

I’m not your sketch-from-memory sort of a fellow, so in all instances I draw with an aid of a photograph, and in some cases the picture itself gets changed somewhat. No matter though, I love the end result in any case, as do my friends ūüôā do you?

I guess I shall place all my future pictures up here of WordPress too!

With these behind me, I am now jumping eagerly onto my next one – either the Louvre museum, the Venetian waterways, or Singapore’s Esplanade¬†Theaters. Well of course, I can’t get at them all at once…after all, men can’t multi-task, right?? I should be finishing my 1st sketch by tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Of course, I cannot end this post without mentioning some really regal baroque music! I love the harpsichord, and what better piece is there than one fully dedicated to it? No prizes; it’s Handel. To be more specific,¬†Suite for harpsichord in G minor HWV432 “The Eight Great Suites” No. 7 Mov.¬†6. Passacaille (Chaconne), as performed by Paul Nicholson. ¬†Many Youtubers seem to point to Baroque music as the basis for modern metal pieces. Is it true?

I have also learnt to not over-read certain events on newspapers. Doing that has some sort of ‘numbing’ effect on the psyche of a human, and once you see the same tragedy running by you over and over again, it gives you that ‘ah-damn-it-I’m-sick-and-tired-of-reading-the-same-old-sh*t-again’ mentality. It’s just like hearing a good joke over and over again (sorry about the reversed analogy, I just can’t think of a better one this moment), after a while it just becomes old.

Ah well, that’s enough for today. Time to enjoy the rest of my week before school starts :/

Till then!~