In pencil, that is.

Sketching has been part of life since I could put pencil to paper, so doing this is just about second nature. And now I am doing a wee project – buildings of the world. And now I need a consensus: which structure do I draw? Here’s a list:

a) Pyramids of Giza
b) CN  Tower, Toronto
c) Willis (Sears) Tower, Chicago
d) Chrysler Building, NYC
e) Leaning Tower of Piza
f) The Esplanade, Singapore
g) Shanghai World Financial Centre
h) Tower Bridge, London

Yep, do vote quick, ‘cos I want to start quick, too 🙂

Moving on, I’ve recently returned from an FOC crash party, and though I didn’t talk to freshies during the Amazing Race (I’m the shy one hehe) I still  had fun, nevermind dancing during Disco Night and notwithstanding some, erm, wilder facets to the 2 days 😀 Going to gym has made me look loads better!

Also, while surfing YouTube I found this great video of someone playing a harpsichord. And playing Scarlatti’s piece, the Sonata in D major, K435. She may be a tad mechanical, but hey, this piece, and indeed any of Scarlatti’s pieces, isn’t easy to pull off…

Lastly I’d like to share an image which resounds with the resilience of the Japanese people. It appears that in Rikuzentakata, a wave swept away all civilization, and basically an entire forest – save one tree. And by all accounts it looks like it’s gonna be made into a heritage site, an everlasting symbol of prevalence over even the most trying of events.

And on that note, goodnight 🙂 Vote quick!