Sorry folks, for the past week following the end of my torture I faced issues with WordPress. Failure to load was a major issue. Anyways, now that I can type, THE EXAMS ARE OVER. LIKE FINALLY.

Went to watch ‘No Strings Attached’ with my poly mates thereafter. Naturally from there one can deduce why it is rated M18…better not elaborate. Heh.

Anyways, there is music that can be used to celebrate. And what more grandiose way to do just that with Handel’s Zadok the Priest? It was written as part of 4 coronation anthems for the ascension of George II of Great Britain to the throne in 1727. It’s one that has survived right to this day in that very role. So famous is this piece that in 1993 it became the inspiration for the UEFA Champions League anthem! Play that and you’ll hear stark similarities between the two.

Here’s the best sample I can find. And of course, the video was created by a monarchist. Let’s not get carried away here; enjoy and be part of the crowd who heralded George II’s ascension!

I don’t have long now, so to those having taken leave from school: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🙂