A cello

It forms the backbone of any Baroque concerto. The cello.

No. It defines Baroque. The cello itself, I believe, is Baroque.

It has a predecessor: a viol.


They were held differently, though I thought they somehow managed to produce a similar, deep, mellow, melancholic effect that haunts the inner depths of the soul. Haunting, and beautiful.

Here’s a viol in action. The piece being played is Improvisation sur les Folies. Note it is a very effective solo instrument.

And not long after that, the cello made an appearance. And it is most acknowledged no more than in Vivaldi’s works. A YouTube user mentioned that Vivaldi manages to lighten the Baroque sound with a mix of high and low notes, thereby making a balance to the otherwise overwhelmingly dark overtures evident in Bach’s works.

Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 cellos, RV 531 is a personal favourite of mine. It has 3 movements, the 2nd of which, Largo, is the most melancholic (and in my opinion beautiful). The cellos are wonderfully played, and in turn they are perfectly counterbalanced by the violins and harpsichord.

Sorry, got to keep it short, otherwise I wouldn’t have any time left to study ):

Good evening!~