One’s coming up tomorrow. Corporate Finance.

I have prepared for it thoroughly, I think. But at the expense of so many hours. And it will repeat itself tirelessly for the following 2 weeks. At least by then the holidays will be my reward for all the mental toil.

So, while we all cram as many lessons as we can into our swollen craniums, why not listen to something that would help? Pop music is out for me; I’d get too distracted. How about something purely instrumental? I guess you know where I’m going with this.

A friend of mine mentioned to me, to my surprise, that she uses classical music, albeit ones with a fast tempo, to help her through the endless project work. Courtesy of Symphony 92.4. Most people I know use rap/R&B/pop to do work. Well, each one to his own. I can’t complain.

Here’s something decidedly fast-paced. And loud clearly audible. That should keep you awake through the most hardened of assignments.

It’s Mozart’s Harpsichord Concerto No. 1 KV 107. This was written around 1768-70 if I’m not wrong, when Mozart was only 12-14 years of age. Not surprising really, since he may have started composing from as young as 4. FOUR.

It has many borrowed styles, this one from Bach (J.S. or J.C.). And here the harpsichord is the centrepiece. For someone so young, composing this is next to genius. Really.


Of course you won’t be simply studying for 7 mins, so you can continue the rest of the concerto on YT!

Oh, and to all my friends taking CF, here it is again!

Courtesy of Buttersafe.

And now, MORE Corporate Finance. -.-

Good afternoon!~