I read a really awesome post on the 90s yesterday, and it brought upon a tsunami of nostalgia. Now I am compelled to write or forever hold my peace on the subject.

Not baroque but, Lully next!

I did not school in the 90s; by the time I was Primary 1 it was already 1999. But my childhood lay in the heart of the last decade, before the internet revolution and when Apple was a literal unknown in a world dominated by Microsoft.

It was a time when the goggle box looked like this…

…and a computer looked something like that:

I remember my fave sitcoms being Under One Roof…

…and who can forget (unless you’re not Singaporean) Liang Popo? A scandal-free Jack Neo was the perfect comedy relief after a long day.

I love dinosaurs, trust me (must have been Digimon, though I wasn’t a huge fan), and I wasn’t a great fan of documentaries either. That is, till this one came along.

When it came out in 1999, I was wowed. Walking with Dinosaurs was so realistic you couldn’t tell whether they were actually computer-animated! I loved the series; I even watched all 6 episodes (plus the special) over a dozen times in succession! Even today the realism depicted trumps like half of what is shown today with animations. So, hats off to the BBC for this gem.

Here’s the 1st part of the 1st episode – New Blood. You can watch the rest on YouTube, thankfully.

Ah, those were the days.

School (in P1, at least) was alien to me. Going from toy blocks to books wasn’t easy. I recall my Chinese teacher calling out every lesson: “课本拿出来, 作业拿出来” (Take out your textbooks; take out your workbooks) and he’ll see whether we’ve done our work. Those who didn’t (I was a usual suspect) would be lined up and whacked (very lightly, mind you) with those old wooden metre-long rulers. Now all teachers can do is scold; even using the ruler now is tantamount to assault.

I remember playing block catching, but that was rare. Even in 2006, in Sec 2, I was running in between floors, heart thumping at every step, scared that I would be discovered by the catcher. After all that we would have a good laugh and buy some ice-cold pops at some mama shop (or in general terms, a convenience store).

Ohh, scary.

I used to see this so much on the telly. The PWS, Public Warning System. I remember that every couple of hours or so they would show this and say some stuff I cannot recall. And because of that, I became scared of them. Even now, seeing one (rare today) would give me the creeps.

I had Neopets too! I loved it, loved it, loved it…though now I have completely forgotten about it. And today’s Neopet has changed WAY beyond how it could have been.

Choose your pet!

I hardly ever played computer games. My 1st brush with it made me fall in love with military games. Enter Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

For a good long time it was my favourite game, till Halo came along. As the enemy is decimated and the the game ends with “Mission Accomplished” I would scroll to my all-powerful base. Heh. Power.

Everyone Die!

It’s now freeware, so you can download it for free online! 😀


Even transport was way different (if not then the human race does suck). Like say, I love riding in my uncle’s old Toyota Corolla, which sorta looked like this:

Even the train system was different. Up till 1996 it was all nice and simple.

Easy to remember!

Versus what we have now…

More to come!

Yes, life was much simpler then. I used to just sit by the balcony and count the number of cars that zip by. Now I am surfing the internet.

I have no life. Other than relishing in classical music. 🙂

One day people like myself will write and remember, with nostalgia in our hearts, this decade. Every 10 years we seem to miss out on more and more of life…so now I want to remember the roots of my childhood.

Many thanks to bottled jam for putting me in a time capsule and throwing putting me back to the 90s. 🙂

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