Imagine this: You’ve prepared yourself for this moment tirelessly. You can recite what you had just read seamlessly and flawlessly. If covering base once isn’t enough, you do it twice. Then thrice. And again. Satisfied with the hours’ hard work, you close your eyes, preparing for the inevitable.

When the time comes for you to put pen to paper, though, you have a terrible feeling. Of amnesia. What? How? Why is this happening?

You panic. Your heart palpitates; you sweat buckets of, well, sweat. The pen quivers in your hand. Your army of perfect memory has deserted the battlefield. And time is running out.

For those tense minutes you feel like an elderly person with advanced dementia. You lose track of time; it seems meaningless. All you’re focusing on now is to remember…that…answer…

It’s too late, though. Pens down, faces up. All there is to do now is to wonder: what the hell just happened?

I guess you’ve had that feeling before. Time is afoot for that dreaded 4-lettered ‘E’ word: EXAMS.

Some argue that projects are way harder, and I can agree to that. Still, even with 12 years of exam experience under my belt, I still go ‘crap’ when it comes around. It means mugging. Lots and lots of mugging. Doing questions again and again till you can recite it in a single breath.

Well, maybe not that exaggerated. But still…

Mine’s coming in the following 2 weeks. I have mugged a fair bit, but I know there’s more yet to go. Way more.

Oh. That means I won’t be posting as often during this period. I could type but I’d much rather write…for now.

So to all poly kids: let’s put our mugging caps on and…


…it’s a pun. LET’S MUG! 😀

Good night!~