Anyone who keeps in tune with the outside world would probably have known of Egypt’s democratic victory. Mubarak’s 30 year reign in office is done. Protesters celebrate in the streets; just imagine the former president’s long face. What started in Tunisia ha s spread east, and looks like the whole of Middle East will be taken in by the hope of democracy.

But wait. Before we pop the champagne, allow us to consider a few things. The Middle East is THE centre for oil exports to the rest of the world, period. And recently I’ve noticed the price of Regular 95 petrol at Esso rise steadily to just over S$2 per litre. As the news of the protests progressed, crude oil prices crept back up the scale (at US$86 currently). Speculators are bidding on the possibility that the democratic wave would sweep Middle East off its feet, and so they are buying into it…just in case the oil reserves are threatened (like how oil fields in Kuwait were unceremoniously burnt during the first Gulf War).

And…for the immensely paranoid: isn’t all this happening a tad too close to 2012? 2012?

Just saying.

But now, allow me to congratulate Egypt on its success. May Autocracy be replaced by Democracy. Just make sure you don’t get yourself another dictator; that way you guys will not be in the same muck again. Be free, Egypt. And stay free.

And oh, they want their internet back too

Above all, we are all happy for your win in the push for freedom. We are all now part of history, to be forever inscribed in future history and social studies textbooks.

I will post Mozart’s Requiem in my next post…tomorrow.

Good night!~