Epiphanies come in all sorts. Why, even Homer Simpson had an epiphany!

“Bananas are a great source of potassium!”
from the Simpsons Movie

Today, I myself had an epiphany. About how lucky I am.

I am better off than so many people, never mind that my family isn’t all that rich either. My father, who has a advisory role to a secondary school, mentioned that there are so many of its students who can’t afford even a canteen meal. When the school issued coupons to them, it was noted that recess was their only meal for the day.

Even Singapore has this. And you think it’s all hiding away.

Believe it or not, I had brushes with death. Twice. Nearly aborted by my mother who was under exceptional circumstances (she was under intense pressure to give me up; I love her still, and she is thankful she didn’t go ahead and bow to demands), and once a heavy metal rod (acting as a weight for the curtains) slid out from its slot and struck me in my neck; inches saved my jugular from severance.

I had other lucky breaks before, yes. Those I’ve mentioned remind me why I still live. We all are deserving of a chance to live; no one should be deprived. And not just live, but live life with a purpose. And yet…

Don't they deserve better?

You wouldn’t want to live such a life, would you? I am, and ought to be, thankful. So should you, no matter the setbacks you face right now.

Good evening~