Georges Bizet lived a very short life, much like how Henry Purcell and Amadeus Mozart did. And like the latter 2, Bizet had composed some pretty good work, with a piece that can be immediately attributed to him.

Georges Bizet

What could be that piece? After all, Purcell had his Come ye Sons of Art, Mozart with the Requiem mass. Guess no further.

It’s a part from his famed opera, Carmen: the aria in the form of the habanera (therefore it’s also known as the Habanera), occasionally referred to as “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle.” (“Love is a rebellious bird”).

Anyone, even those without a penchant for operettas, would know this. Either that or you are a hermit.

This version is sung by Angela Gheorghiu. Good looks aside, she has a potent voice to match.

Of course, she isn’t the only person who has sung this. Over decades many have tested their vocals over its challenging chords. One of them, and perhaps amongst the most famous of them all, is none other than Maria Callas.

Maria Callas on an album cover

These are two exceptional singers, one from the past, the other in the present. Yet, while they sing the very same notes and belt out the exact same lyrics, they somehow have made, in each instance, a different variation somewhat, of Bizet’s famed aria.

To allow you to find out for yourself, I have put up her variation when she performed at Convent Garden (London methinks) in 1962. Note her facial expressions too. Makes love sound and look dangerous, no?

Ah, Valentines’ is arriving within a week. How apt this operetta would be! Hahaha! The sky beyond the confines of my home however exudes anything but romance. Oh well, butterbiscuits *snaps fingers*

Good afternoon!~