I am running out of motivation.

MA II is a tough nut to crack. If I can’t find a breakthrough soon…

What music inspires you, gives you the strength to carry on? (You wanna say what, just comment!)

I have my own: Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, from Die Walküre. It was first performed on 26 June 1870 in the National Theatre Munich A piece for action; in Woody Allen’s words, “When I listen to Wagner I want to invade Poland“. If this doesn’t spur you on (even if the score was accompanied by the helo scene from Apocalypse Now), I don’t know what will.

And no, Wagner, even though anti-semitic, is not in any way related to the Nazi Party or Hitler; he died around 40 years before the former’s conception! So there, rumour put to rest. Now enjoy it if you are having a mental block, and especially if you have a mental block.

The creator of this video has also put in some interesting tidbits about Wagner, if you want to know.

Good afternoon!~