Spring cleaning time today = 8 hours.
Tired? = Yes.
Worth it? = YES.


Happy Chinese New Year to anyone celebrating it right now! Just past midnight here in Singapore, and although I’m suffering from an acute case of the cold, and despite the fact that I should be in bed recuperating (which on hindsight I should), I am doing some merrymaking and watching people play L4D on the Xbox 360. But man, I’m tired.

Whipping up all the dust at one go at my home today was, and was not, a good idea.

Still, it’s not all fun and games. Two papers are coming up next week, and I’ve yet to get started revising on them. Sigh, the injustice in this world…

Furthermore I have 2 projects to complete. Business Law & Securities Regulations (a.k.a. stock market/trading). Five days. How to spend it?

Also I have a plan to starve off any thoughts of eating CNY goodies because frankly, by past experience, it just widens my waist. -.-

Ok. Moving on.

I need to be quick with this, ’cause I’m kinda drowsy right now. Today, it’s Vivaldi’s Concerto for 4 violins in D Major, RV549. Bach would later adapt it for the harpsichord (next time, yeah?); in this case the harpsichord is merely a support. Ahh, the sweet serenades of violins is just…well, it’s just bloody fantastic!

That’s all. That’s it. Good night (Or should I say, Happy CNY!!)

Good morning!~