Just had my macroeconomics presentation today…and it was done in a huff. Point is now, it’s over. I can, more or less, look forward to Chinese New Year, though I might add that the intermittent rain in Singapore now may ruin that festive mood.

Then again, maybe not. School will be out from Wednesday through Sunday! 5 days! Who wouldn’t want that?

OK. Moving on.

First video’s gonna be about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Summer/Allegro), performed by I Musici in 1988. Video quality’s poor, sorry. But we are here to listen, aren’t we? Seeing the soloist tackle those notes makes me feel even more inferior (not that I play the violin in the 1st place). Plus, it’s performed in Venice! What more can Vivaldi ask for?

I kind of cursed myself today for completely leaving Pachelbel out. That one particular piece of his keeps his name alive in musical circles and students alike. Piano, string, guitar, brass; it is playable on all and more. So versatile a piece!

By all that I mean the famous Canon in D. This rendition was performed in 1989/90 (I think) by the Orchestre de chambre Jean-François Paillard. In my opinion it is the most stirring version. Period. Feel free to contest that =)

With that I end my post, and I return to the rigours and pleasures of everyday life. Ciao!~