OK, I am going to make this quick. I’ve found 3 things of mention and I’d very gladly share them with..whoever’s reading…if there are any.

First off is of course, the piece for the day. And this time, it’s a little solo piece from Handel’s Te Deum for the Victory at the Battle of Dettingen, Vouchsafe O Lord, from 1743. Sounds like a prayer one would make before battle commences; his voice has some despairing tinge to it…

It is rare to find a movie that would achieve more than 10 nods for the Oscars, let alone 12. The King’s Speech, the story of how British King George VI overcame his debilitating stammer to be able to give a speech to his peoples at the start of World War II. It’s got its detractors (which movie doesn’t), but the praise is so overwhelming I can’t imagine how those detractors would even have a voice. I’m rooting it to win as many Oscars as it can. After all, Colin Firth has won the Academy Awards!


The Poster for The King’s Speech


Also, I love British comedy. Better still I love watching Blackadder. You haven’t lived if you haven’t watched it!

In the likelihood that you haven’t watched it, I am going to let you in with this little video from the 4th installment. Rowan Atkinson before Mr Bean fame is one helluva sarcastic maniac…so laugh!

Oh and before I end off, anyone knows how to project Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) onto Excel? I have quite a bit of trouble doing it…~