I have always loved the piano. Really, I do. The issue is that I am immensely poor at playing it: I cannot synchronise both my hands; it’s one or the other (I am rather better in that department the 1st chord of Canon in D). I am struggling through trying to learn The Entertainer as of now. Hate my lack of nifty, nimble fingers.

Vladimir Horowitz, on the other hand, is a piano virtuoso. The hardest pieces hardly faze him; if there is a piece he can’t play hell would have frozen over. This video shows him playing in the USSR Scriabin’s notorious Etude Op.8 No.12. I can only wish to be able to wow crowds like he did (and he still does just that on YouTube).


An additional video I’d like to show was introduced to me by my friend Unique (yes, unique name indeed). Victoria Junior College Choir’s Nelson Kwei conducts the piece Exsultate Justi by Ludovico da Viadana at the 8th Venezia in Musica, Venice, Italy. It’s as though it’s been composed purely for singing in a cathedral; it sounds so holy.

Yep that’s it for this morning! Now it’s time to dedicate the weekend to completing my projects… -.- ~