Understanding Cross Cultural Diversity is important, I know. Somehow though the lectures they put us through become instruments of torture. THANKFULLY, that is over. The school year is so quickly drawing to a close. Now the only nightmares left to overcome are the FINAL EXAMS. If I don’t get straight As for this I might as well not try for Uni. Sigh.

I had come from a choir; a young choir, but nonetheless an excellent one. Yes, that’s how highly I view Dunman Secondary School Choir. The jewel in my alma mater’s crown; one any neighbourhood choir can look up to. It’s resident conductor, Mr Toh Ban Sheng, has done much to bring the choir ever higher all through the years. The pedestal it stands upon seems to eternally grow. To its current choristers, all the best for this year’s SYF! Every year I know less and less of you guys…

Speaking of choirs, there’s this piece I want to introduce, and one perhaps DunmanChoir can take upon as a challenge. Eric Whitacre, a relatively recent composer of our time, seems to have a knack for dreamy music: voices piercing into your deepest soul; imaginations running wild. Of his works, I like this one (and this rendition) the best.

Water Night. Enjoy; I shall return to reality..and listen as my classmate gets blasted (pwned) by my teacher. To rapturous laughter.