The piano, with the ability to play at varying volumes, added a layer, a depth of emotions that the harpsichord simply did not have, and composers on the then relatively new instrument took full advantage of it. Chopin certainly did not waste his opportunity.

When he wrote the Nocturne No. 20, Op. Posth. in C-sharp minor, it was 1830, and dedicated to his older sister. However, it was published only in 1875, 26 years after the composer’s death, hence ‘posthumous’, and to me it has acquired somewhat a tragic, maybe even dark, tinge to it, as with many of his works.

This video is Claudio Arrau’s (1903 – 1991) interpretation of a timeless piece. Each note played seems effortless, yet filled with so many tense emotions.

You can listen to it time and again…and not be tired of it. Ever.~