I plan to make this a resident post, though it won’t be likely for me to post every night; final exams are ’round the corner and I can’t afford to slacken. Once March begins though I can be far more regular…

Winter (Allergro) is my personal favourite piece from the entire Four Seasons by Vivaldi. As I mentioned in my previous post it has the sort of crispness/frostiness in the staccatos which represent the wintry chill. It’s performed by the orchestra of the US Air Force Band, and accompanied with an animated score. The uploader, smalin has many good pieces on YouTube, absolute gems.

Quite a few are MIDI (especially his early ones), though that I think doesn’t really affect the quality of the work, even if somewhat mechanical.

The harpsichord, unmarked, lends the music even more staccato. Beautiful stuff.